love is like the wind. you can't see it but you can feel it
You don't have to be in someone's arms every day to know that what you're feeling is real.
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So what’s stopping you?







what if they were masturbating 

There are two types of people
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Anonymous was like: So a little over a month ago, I broke up with my LD bf because of a huge fight we had. It wasnt our first fight but he called me a 'random bitch' and that wasnt okay so I left. I have a bf now who lives here (5 mins away) but I still love my LD ex.... I miss him and text him a lot ! I don't want to lose my bf as a friend and I don't want him to hate me.. I also ended up losing a friend because she dated my bf a few years ago. But I want my LD ex back ): ... He wants me back to. What do I do !?! 
and I was like:

You’ve obviously already forgiven him, and if you feel like he’s apologetic enough and he’s really not a bad person, go for it. If there’s any doubt in your mind about him, though, I think it’d be better to leave him. Someone who calls you a bitch and fights with you on a regular basis is not someone to fall in love with. Either way, tell your current boyfriend about your situation. It’s not fair to lead him on when you have feelings for someone else. If you care about him, even as just a friend, you’ll tell him how you’re feeling. Good luck, gorgeous. <3

Amazing LDR quotes, photos, stories, &amp; advice here!
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Just a quick thanks to Lily from the-miles-between for being so understanding. I took a couple shortcuts in finding quotes for my edits recently and it turns out I took some of her work on accident. I found out about it a couple days ago and I’m still working on restoring credit on those posts, and I’ve deleted the pictures I had on queue that I thought I remembered getting from her. I’ll go back to looking up quotes online and using my own words from now on…I’m sorry again!

If anyone else is having similar problems with my posts, whether it be quote- or photo-related, I’d be glad to give you credit. I have no idea where any of the photos came from, as most of them have been posted by various people at various times. If you actually know the photographers, feel free to let me know and I’ll be happy to give them credit.

That’s all, guys, sorry for the misunderstanding. c:

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Requested repost for military couples.
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Tu me manques. French for "I miss you." Literally translated:
"You are missing from me."

Mi manchi. Italian for "I miss you." The word "manchi" is the
only time "miss" is combined with the subject ("you") in one word.

Te echo de menos. Spanish for "I miss you." Translated another
way: "I give to you."

Mi-e dor. Romanian for "I miss you." Technically, the sentence
is open-ended, and means simply "I miss." Thought to be
deliberate due to the complexity of people.